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3 ways to help an older adult

Nurse helping old woman in a wheelchair by Nutmeg Senior Riders

In emergency or crisis situations, the elderly are among the most vulnerable group due to the high incidence of chronic diseases (most of them disabling), due to the low economic income caused by their inactivity from work and because of the loneliness in which they tend to live for the independence or migration of children.

This being the case, it is urgent to take preventive measures and prepare actions for when the time of emergency arrives.

At Nutmeg Senior Rides we believe that it is essential that, in crisis and emergency situations, families and communities actively participate in the care and protection of this population group.

Therefore, we have thought of these actions as suggestions to accompany and help the elderly in the midst of these circumstances:

1. Keep in touch with the older adult

Whether it is your family member or your neighbor, the first thing you must do to be supportive and help him or her is to maintain contact with that person and establish a communication bridge with their family.

Your company and your words of encouragement represent enormous comfort to them, as these emergency situations produce confusion and anxiety.

2. Create a support network in your community

Neighborhood groups on WhatsApp, Telegram, or other messaging platforms can be an excellent tool for fostering communication and solidarity among members of a community.

Motorizing help to elderly neighbors through this channel can speed up the arrival of help to those who need it.

3. Prepare an emergency kit for the elderly

The famous bag that is usually advised to have prepared in case of disasters, should include some particular things when there is an older adult at home.

For example, you must include your medicines in sufficient quantities as well as the telephone numbers of relatives and treating doctors in an accessible place.

It should also include wet towels and that object that the older adult associates with his routine, with his daily life, so that there is an element that conveys that he is in a trustworthy environment.

On the other hand, it is important to listen to them trying to understand their particular needs and, of course, considering their capacities and desires to collaborate in some way in the management and solution of the emergency.

These are some of the general recommendations that we can make from Nutmeg Senior Rides, but of course it depends on the particular conditions.

Ultimately, it is about having the time and desire to share it with that older adult who, in emergency situations, is usually one of the most vulnerable. You can also add in collaboration with our volunteering options to create an impact in their lives!


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Luisana Romero

Content Creator


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